Get Honest, Get Real

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I broke my heart.
Never knew it could fall into so many pieces

As a little girl I wanted to learn all languages so I could talk with everyone around the globe. Coming from a single parent welfare family in my teens I thought I would never be rich enough to travel.

Age 41 I left Holland for a 2 year adventure with husband and backpack. Stretching way beyond comforts and time zones. Meeting amazing people from all walks of life. It was a crazy adventure.

Gratefully I experienced that there is a universal language: laughing, being kind, humble, open to experience, playful. What you give attention grows. So what qualities do you want to meet and greet in your world?

I know a bit better now. But somehow it was easier to connect, play and tribe when I was traveling. I was closer to nature. My nature. Ever since I got back I feel a little heartbroken.

Ironically the song Amsterdam by Nothing but Thieves best describes my bitter sweet ache. “I left my hart in Amsterdam” they lyric loud.

Mine broke down along the way thanks to all the inspiring people I met and beautiful places I visited. Home truly is were the heart is: everywhere around the globe.

Love to meet you one day, someplace, offline or online. Happy to connect.

My GenZ Guru

an 8×8 second read

How’s summer treating you? I just spend a happy week in Italy with my GenZ niece, Flora. Born GenX I feel a very close connection to her generation. Here’s what I learned from her.

Whether it’s Florence, Venice or Milan, Flora loves to shop. Saving her money for big beautiful brands, clothes and make-up. All trends, instructions and reviews she watches on YouTube first.

Biebs, Katy Perry and Selena Gomez are so last year. Flora’s role models are vloggers & bloggers like Anna Nooshin, Monica Geuze and this YouTube boyband which name I totally forgot.

 Facebook is old-school millennial media. My niece connects with her friends through Snapchat and Instagram. Happily one afternoon at the beach she offered: “Can I show you how Snapchat works?” Yeah sure!

Being connected all the time is just as important as get-togethers with peers. Having fun, discussing every possible topic, sharing opinions and getting feedback on feels, looks and actions.

As most GenZ, Flora valued Wi-Fi more than the free toiletries, rain shower and awesome breakfast in our cozy Florence hotel. “I hope they have good Wi-Fi”, is definitely her mantra.

Learned so much from hanging out with Flora. In return It was great sharing my passion for traveling with her. Tanti Saluti.

Carina Wiegman