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How’s summer treating you? I just spend a happy week in Italy with my GenZ niece, Flora. Born GenX I feel a very close connection to her generation. Here’s what I learned from her.

Whether it’s Florence, Venice or Milan, Flora loves to shop. Saving her money for big beautiful brands, clothes and make-up. All trends, instructions and reviews she watches on YouTube first.

Biebs, Katy Perry and Selena Gomez are so last year. Flora’s role models are vloggers & bloggers like Anna Nooshin, Monica Geuze and this YouTube boyband which name I totally forgot.

 Facebook is old-school millennial media. My niece connects with her friends through Snapchat and Instagram. Happily one afternoon at the beach she offered: “Can I show you how Snapchat works?” Yeah sure!

Being connected all the time is just as important as get-togethers with peers. Having fun, discussing every possible topic, sharing opinions and getting feedback on feels, looks and actions.

As most GenZ, Flora valued Wi-Fi more than the free toiletries, rain shower and awesome breakfast in our cozy Florence hotel. “I hope they have good Wi-Fi”, is definitely her mantra.

Learned so much from hanging out with Flora. In return It was great sharing my passion for traveling with her. Tanti Saluti.

Carina Wiegman

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