Millennial & GenZ

in Aug & Sep I sit on my mountain to finish my book. I won’t be giving any consults.

Cool Down!  – customized consult to prevent crashing

Every 1 out of 7 Millennials & Zers crash with severe burnout or serious burnout symptoms. Though there are many common factors at play, finding your spark again is a highly individual proces as well. Cool Down! is for those who feel they are at risk and want to prevent crashing.

Cool Down! is customized to where you are in the process. Maybe you want to work on strengthening your boundaries, amplifying positive emoties or balancing strength & vulnerability. Or perhaps you feel the need to rewrite your story so that it better matches with who you are at present.

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Get a Life Purpose! – WalkyTalky, Coffee&Coach or TeaTalk

Are you at crossroads, feeling anxious and stressed by overchoice due to a career shift, gap year and/or quarter-life crisis. Feeling like this too often stems from not choosing and not spending enough time, attention and energy on what makes you happy, energized and fulfilled.

A Customized Purpose in Life Consult takes 45-60 minutes in person or online through Skype – FaceTime. Purpose in Life is an inspiring gift to the most important person in your life: YOU……and it’s a great gift for others too.

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The Gap between my Ideal and Real world – workshop 

Do you feel 👍 , 🤗 en 🎉 all the time? Be Honest and Get Real! You probably still don’t know what you really want in life and feel ON most of the time because of FOMO, work-life stress or the fact that your agenda controls you.

What adds to it is that between your ideal picture and reality there’s a gap as huge as the Grand Canyon.  Does this describe your current situation? This work is all about forgetting perfect and getting honest and real about yourself.

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Your Better Possible Human Experience – customized mentorship 

Action pack of 4 sessions for entrepreneurs, creatives, employees, digital nomads, freelancers who want to clear purpose and focus, work on a better work-life fusion, strengthen positive emotions and self-leadership.

1. Future in Action
2. Why, why, why
3. Game Overchoice
4. Best Possible Work-Life Fusion

Carina Wiegman | | . +31 6 11 381 559