Admit it: You’re Hooked!

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For teens and tweens the struggle for independence can be hard especially since opposite forces trick us in all sorts of addictive patterns. The mechanism is very easy to explain.

Co-dependent behavior releases happy hormones that hook the brain in loop-activity to all kinds of stuff: social media, sugars, approval, drugs, toxic relations, drama, gam(bl)ing etc.

Any subsequent meet-up with a favorite trigger tightens the wiring in the brain-emotion-action circuit even more. Why do we fall for this?

Our thought, emotional and behavioral patterns have survival value. It’s through pattern recognition we gain a sense of meaning, environmental control and future predictability.

Though this seems like a great way to save time and energy this type of wiring creates a fake identity. Control is an illusion, the future is uncertain and the only thing we do know is that there will be surprises.

To become really independent and detached means becoming aware: between trigger and response lies your free will. There your are in your seat of independent power and can start to create your future more freely.

Enjoy the ride!

Carina Wiegman

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