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My story . . .

After working in HR and conflict management for 20 years I took an epic break. I left Holland with backpack and husband to explore the world. This magical adventure lasted 2 years and has changed my life forever. I met amazing people of all walks of life. Because of my background in psychology  I had the chance to work with many (young) adults on life purpose, self-care, positive emotions and self-leadership.

Regardless of age and background the common thread in my sessions with millennial travelers seemed to be the wish for a happier life with less stress and more fun, freedom and fulfillment. Themes I had studied and worked with for decades. So the decision was easy when I returned home. Out of my own experiences I started to entrepreneur, working with younger generations who want to create a more relaxed and meaningful work-life experience.

Forget Perfect: Become Honest & Real about Yourself!

Based in the Netherlands I use different online and offline platforms so I can meet face-to-face with millennials and Generation Z – the after millennial generation – from everywhere. My sessions are no-nonsens, experiential and full of direct feedback, always respecting your story. I focus on the present-future and use adventure coaching, solution focus, imagination, cognitive behavioral magic, visual coaching, story telling, practical spirituality and humor.

Customized theme’s I specialize in: DIY-leadership, Positive Mental Time Travel, Cool-Down! and Fire-up! sessions for burnout post- and prevention, Purpose in Life, FOMO, Overchoice.

A couple of months each year I work remote somewhere in the world with my husband, combining my passion for travel, positive psychology and writing. Call it digital or global nomad…what’s in a name! Traveling is an excellent chance to meet-up, work with and learn from my favorite generations.
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