Abdominal Massage

Corona Volente I will be in Arnhem May 2020 for chi nei tsang therapy

Our belly area is sensitive. And super smart! Often your stomach, tummy and intestines already know that things are not well. With our head we can’t really feel  and resolve our emotions, stresses and daily hassles. But our brain is very good at consistently ignoring the signals of our body.

sensory overload. stress. unresolved emotions. burnout. hormones

When we don’t pay attention to and process our emotions and work-life stresses problems arise both in your belly and brain:  worry, irritable bowl, co-dependency, anxiety, lower back issues, depression, headaches, constipation…

there’s so much going on in your belly!

In 2016 I wanted to try something new, something different and booked an Abdominal Massage with Om Rinraya, a very special lady and accredited therapist in Chiang Mai, Thailand. After the session with Om I felt much more energy, freedom and space in my belly that I decided to go back to Om Rinraya and learn Chi Nei Tsang myself in addition to all the talking I do as coaching psychologist.

irritable bowl. headaches. low back pain. anxiety. tiredness. 

Abdominal Massage Therapy – in Eastern philosophy known as Chi Nei Tsang – is a mixture of Thai & Chinese massage techniques. It deeply effects the organs in the abdomen where blockages exists due to stress, emotions and sensory overload.

An Abdominal Massage Therapeutic treatment takes 75 minutes and costs  € 65,– inclusive of 21% vat. Chi Nei Tsang is an amazing gift for yourself and others! In the Netherlands my practice is at Home of Zen, Velperweg 95 in Arnhem. Several days each month I work in Amsterdam at walking distance from Amstel Station and Groningen. Due to rental costs and travel expenses I charge € 10,- extra for a chi nei tsang session both in Amsterdam and Groningen. If you want to book me for your retreat, wellness festival or stress & burnout intervention programma I am very happy to meet-up with you.

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